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hip hop music promotion

Spotify Song Push Platinum


If you want to promote your new song or album on Spotify, this service is for you.


This package includes promotion of your song, mixtape, or album, as well as blog and playlist placements. We will promote your music on the top blogs and playlists to get you the most engagement and best results possible.


You will receive:

  • 100 exclusive blog features and 5 playlist placements
  • 4 major media outlet or Google news exclusive features
  • Exclusive interview on a top ranked Google news site
  • Thousands of real plays, followers, and monthly listeners
  • Real engagement (You will get paid for every stream you receive)
  • The traffic from our promotion can also trigger Spotify's algorithms which can land your single landing on Discover Weekly and other playlists
  • Fans will follow your Spotify account if the music is appealing to them
  • Targeted audience to ensure that engagement is high


Spotify has over 50 million paid users which makes it the biggest streaming platform in the world. Ensuring you have good numbers behind your music is essential for standing out.


The Process: You just have to provide us with your your music and social links, bio, and photo to get started. We will feature your song or album on 100 global music blogs, 5 popuar playlists, and and send you a full report with all of the links. 


How We Market: Once we receive your order, we will listen to your song and start marketing it by targeting an audience relevant to your music. 


Results: This package guarantees top media outlet placements and permanent blog posts as well as playlist placements to enhance your SEO and Google search results.

  • Article Specs

    You are responsible for your own content, unless you are ordering a custom written article, which will be an upcharge. There will be NO edits upon publication. Please email us for assistance.

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